Saturday, May 09, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Sometimes words aren't capable of expressing things. But then, they are the only means of expression God has given us mortals. 

She was a home maker for 20 years of her life. At the advance age of 42, she became a widowed mother of 2 with no job, little money, limited education, no real skills and no way to make a living. 

And yet she prevailed.

She was broken and scared deep inside but still found her courage and fought all her fears. She joined her first job as an office assistant at 42. Notwithstanding her years and inexperience, she learned to use a computer, to ride a 2-wheeler and to read and write in English. 

In a matter of days, she transformed into this astute professional. And with her discipline and sincerity earned a reputation and fan following both at her work and in her social circles. She saw through her children's education without letting them make any compromises and ensured a worthy life for the both of them. 

Through all of that, she even managed to remarkably exceed expectations in that toughest job descriptions of all - being a mother. 

Her story fills me with the pride that some part of her lives within me. It gives me the belief that if you're really determined, nothing is impossible. That no academic or professional background is necessary to make a real impact. And that nothing can stop you except for your own choices. She took a voluntary retirement by her own choice after 7 years to help us settle down.

I have followed many charismatic leaders in my life and they have influenced me in some way or the other. And there would be still more that I will follow in my life to come. 

But you're the leader I choose to become in my life. 

Salute to you #MeriMaa


Khali Khali hathon se, kitna de jaati hai maa...

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